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We represent people applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits. 

We help you put together your application for disability benefits so that you can present your best case possible. Serving Montgomery County, MD, PG County, DC and NoVa. Let us accompany you through the application process.

Disabilities are often invisible but always leave signs. These shifts in a life’s course stay hidden from many. We are here to present your experiences properly.

Let Our Expertise
Strengthen Your Voice

Applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits can be overwhelming. Let us be your advocate. We can answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Talk to us, and the initial consultation is free.


Disabilities are medical limitations in your ability to do things. They restrict your functional capacity. It’s OK to ask for help to compensate for those limitations.

Disability Benefits

Social Security provides insurance coverage in case you lose your functional capacity. It is an insurance policy that people pay for when they work. The coverage is for people whose medical conditions have reduced their functional capacity to the point where they can no longer perform the basic tasks of a job. They can no longer work. 

Tips Of The Trade​

Our Mission is to help people that are applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits find their voice and tell their stories. It is the client’s voice that the judge must hear. 

Our Vision centers on each client’s experience of their own limitations. People struggling with disabilities can strengthen their own voice. A disability does not mean the end of a meaningful and productive life. Every individual has worth regardless of their limitations. What a disability does is to make particular activities a lot harder, and the person with a disability has to adjust the way they do things. They have to shift their pace. Our goal is for you to be heard.

What Clients Say

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“Have a voice. Tell your truth.”



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