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Montgomery Disability Advocates Can Help You With Your Social Security Disability Application

Applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits can be overwhelming. Let us be your advocate. We can guide you through the application process and answer all of your questions. Talk to us

Experience and Expertise

Before joining the Montgomery community, Javier Colón had 15 years of experience working on disability determinations. First, he worked for the Social Security Administration as an attorney in the disability determination process. Then he represented the disabled in their disability claims. He fought in Federal Court and won to ensure that the agency provides everybody with their due process. Before opening doors in Montgomery County, his last experience was in making the medical disability determinations for the Washington, DC government.

The advocate’s background and education are in law, yet the approach for each case is from a medical standpoint. Before preparing a legal case, it is vital to thoroughly understand the client’s medical circumstances and their functional limitations.

Increase Your Chances Of Approval

Every person has their own story to tell and their own claim to make. Montgomery Disability Advocates guides the client in recognizing what their claim is and prepares them to make their best case. Not everyone is aware of their own limitations or of the adjustments they have made in order to manage them. Some people who are aware of their functional limitations might not know how to put their difficulties into words. We provide an objective assessment and use our experience to prepare your record to make sure that it is complete. If you can tell your story, you increase your chances of approval.

Things To Expect From Social Security

When you apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits, the application looks into two areas of your life; your work history and your medical history. The Social Security Administration reviews your medical record to decide what they believe is the severity of your medical conditions and what is your functional capacity. The agency then reviews whether your residual functional capacity is compatible with your past job or any other job out there.

This is a long bureaucratic process that can take a few years.  The process takes months even in the best case scenario.  Even so, going through the process is worthwhile.

Three chances to make your case

When Social Security evaluates your application, you have three opportunities to present your case. When you first apply, it is called an Initial Application. If you don’t agree with the first decision, you have a second chance to present your case by requesting a Reconsideration. If you are denied again, you can request a Hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Your third chance is when the agency will give the most careful look at your case. This is where you get to testify in person and tell your story. This is also when your record must be absolutely complete. It is possible to appeal a decision made at the Hearing level, but any further appeal will no longer look at whether you are disabled. The appeal of an Administrative Law Judge’s decision determines whether the administrative judge gave you your due process.

What To Expect From Us

Expect personalized attention, guidance, and compassionate support when you work with Montgomery Disability Advocates as your representative for Social Security disability benefit application.

Step One

During an initial consultation, we will explain to you what the process with the Social Security Administration will be like. We will explain what the program parameters are, what the legal criteria are, what evidence is necessary and what to expect during the course of a case. We will answer your questions and clarify your doubts. 

You do not have to give us any of your private information if you do not want to. If you have questions related to your specific conditions, we will protect your information and keep it private.

The initial consultation is free of charge whether or not you choose to have us represent you.

Step Two

The next step is to sign a contract. We must sign a contract on what fees you would pay us and sign the Social Security forms where you appoint us as your representative. Signing the fee agreement marks the beginning of the advocate relationship.

Step Three

Next, we will sit with you to fill out the application and all the necessary paperwork for applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits. We will monitor the progress of the case.

We will also help you get a copy of your medical records and file the medical records for you.

Step Four

We will accompany you to the hearing. We will direct you through your testimony and present the legal arguments.

Once we get a decision, we will explain what the decision means for you and what alternatives you have.

Along the way, if you have any questions, you are invited to always ask them.

The Tasks We Will Perform For You

  1. Provide guidance on what the Social Security disability application process is and what the legal parameters are,
  2. Complete and submit your application for disability benefits,
  3. Obtain the medical records from your doctors,
  4. Track your claim’s progress, and
  5. Represent you during the hearings.

What Should You Bring To An Initial Consultation?

Bring your questions, all your questions. Take advantage of our time; it is available for you. Also, bring any documents from the agency and any medical documents you might already have at home.

Use our expertise. Strengthen your case.

“Have a voice. Tell your truth.”



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